Privacy Policy


1. Our website and your privacy
2. Personal information
3. How your information may be used
4. Your information and security
5. Children’s privacy rights
6. Making changes to your information
7. How to contact us

Our website and your privacy

Our biggest concern is the matter of your privacy. We do our best to ensure that all the information you share with us is held under the strictest of conditions. We ensure that it shall never be shared with another person or company of any kind. Please continue to read through the remainder of this privacy policy to find out more about how it affects you and your use of this site.

Personal information

You may find that certain sections of this site require you to enter your personal details. If this should occur and you decide to do so, you will only have to enter the most essential information. A typical example would be your name and your email address. Whatever information you share with us we can assure you that it shall not be shared with anyone else at all. It does not matter where you may be located or which details you will enter in this respect.

How your information may be used

No one involved with this website shall take any risks with your information; we view it as a very serious matter indeed and we protect your personal security as much as we reasonably can. If we should ask for any piece of your information we shall never use it unless you have told us in advance that we may do so. If you decide to receive emails from us on a regular basis you may also elect to change your mind in future. You can opt out at any time without giving a prior period of notice to do so.

Your information and security

All the personal data that is held by us at this website is only held under the strictest of conditions. We ensure that it is held in a secure way and we do not use anything other than the best software and systems to maintain this. We check everything on a regular basis to ensure it is protected from hackers and other malicious sources or people who may try to gain access to it. We ensure all our followers and visitors that all their information is completely safe.

Children’s privacy rights

We have not created this website to be used by children. It has never been, nor will it ever be, aimed at children. We would also never request or take any information from anyone who is under age or a child. We shall never do this.

Making changes to your information

There may be occasions when the data we hold about you becomes incorrect. If you should find that such data needs to be altered, we would encourage you to get in touch with us via phone or email to make the necessary changes. It should be noted that personal log in information you may hold for this site is yours and yours alone to keep safe. Please do not write any of it down or keep it in any place. Do not let anyone else use or access it to gain access to your secure part of the website.

How to contact us

Please get in touch with us should you need to for any reason by emailing us on the usual email address. You may also phone if necessary. We welcome all compliments, comments and complaints of all kinds, and we ensure all our visitors that we shall work hard to resolve any matters that are brought to our attention. We shall do so in a timely manner, no matter what the reason for the contact may be.